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    Survivors of Breast Cancer

    Breast cancer survivors are a passionate
    group who have fought the battle and won.

    From the the first diagnosis -- to the eventual news that you are truly cancer-free -- going through breast cancer "Survivor" is a lot more "real" than the popular reality show.

    First comes the shock of facing a life-threatening disease. Then come the biopsies, surgeries, and post-op recovery, or the ups and downs of chemotherapy along with the stress of spending time away from family, career, or usual routines.

    And let's not even mention the inevitable hospital bills and financial strain.

    Little wonder, then, why almost all breast cancer patients in a particularly dark moment suddenly think: "This was not in the script!"

    Survivorship stories are signposts along the road to recovery that provide inspiration for the newly-diagnosed or for those currently under treatment.

    They impart the message: "Yes, you can do this."

    American Cancer Society Survivorship Stories
    Stories of survival by women who "want to let you know there is another survivor out here." Includes a very busy message board.

    Komen Foundation - Breast Cancer Stories
    Visit the message boards to talk with or listen to other survivors, read inspiring stories, or share your own story.

    Breast Cancer Support
    Online community offering forums & messageboards for survivors as well as grief counseling - plus survivor picture gallery, with related support & helpful information.

    Young Survival Coalition
    Busy discussion boards where young women & moms discuss their diagnosis and concerns including current news, recent research & studies, and support stories.

    also see -> Online Breast Cancer Support Groups | Local Breast Cancer Support Groups



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