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    Breast Cancer Prevention

    healthy black woman exercisingUntil a cure is found, breast cancer prevention is at the forefront of stopping the disease in its tracks.

    Regular breast self-exams, maintaining a healthy diet, and watching your weight are just a few of the practical steps to avoid breast cancer.

    Obesity, in fact, has been shown to be one of the major risk factors when it comes to breast cancer. It is also a risk seen in many other diseases, as well, so staying fit a is probably one of the most important things you can do for good, overall health.

    In addition to diet, there also seems to be a link between environmental factors and developing breast cancer. Therefore, "going organic", and limiting your exposure to pesticides and other chemicals -- whether in the foods you eat or the water you drink -- is another good way to reduce risk.

    Does breast cancer run in the family?
    Was your mother or grandmother diagnosed with breast cancer? Chances are increased that you will be, too. Today, there are simple procedures to test for the breast cancer gene. If it returns positive it only means that more frequent mammograms and checkups may be in order.

    Although less urgently, also be aware of inflammatory breast cancer and Paget's disease -- both of which present not as lumps, but as red rashes (and typically only diagnosed in their later stages). It may help in early detection of these rare forms of breast cancer.

    Below, check out additional resources around the web for more tips and advice on risk factors, screening methods, and new research in the preventon of breast cancer:

    Breast Cancer Prevention
    A concise overview of the current state of breast cancer prevention, with more on mastectomy as a preventive measure, the latest in research, options on treatment, and related information.

    Breast cancer prevention: How to reduce your risk
    Overview from the Mayo Clinic on exercise, diet & nutrition as preventative measure, aspirin & hormone therapies, new directions in research, related articles and suggested reading.

    The Truth About Cancer: The 3 Best Breast Cancer Prevention Tips for Women at Any Age
    How's your stress level? Plus more on the percentages of breast cancer cancer cases caused by factors other than heredity, such as environmental toxins and bad eating habits.



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