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    Pregnancy & Breast Cancer


    Breast Cancer and Pregnancy
    Intended for physicians, this NCI site is very clinical, but does provide solid information.

    Breast Cancer & Pregnancy
    Guide from with clear explanations on possible risks, the difficulties of detecting breast cancer during pregnancy, and special treatment to expect if you are diagnosed during pregnancy.

    Pregnancy and Breast Cancer
    Fact-filled page from the American Cancer Society with information on symptoms, the current outlook on treatment with recent research & studies, related links.

    Pregnancy & Breast Cancer
    From the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists web site, this article deals with the physician's point of view, but is very easy to read. Adobe Reader required.

    Effects of Parity and Age at First Birth
    Study reported in The International Journal of Cancer shows a link between having a first child after age 35 and increased breast cancer risk.

    Advice On Pregnancy After Breast Cancer Treatment
    The Doctor's Guide reports on a 1997 study that shows no greater risk for poor outcome in women who become pregnant after breast cancer treatments.

    Age at Any Birth and Breast Cancer
    This 1996 study from The International Journal of Cancer reports on the risk of delayed childbirth.


    also see related feature article -> Pregnancy & Breast Cancer



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