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    Patient Assistance


    Cancer Supportive Care Program
    One of the many lists of pharmaceutical companies. Well designed and easy to use. Look at the others to make sure you don't miss one that can help you.

    Hill-Burton Free or Reduced Cost Care
    Free or reduced cost health care is available through this government program.

    The Medicine Program
    If you are facing the decision of having to choose treatments by what you can pay for, this program provides free medication to those who qualify.

    This program is now free. They ask that you click on a sponsor's add to help them fund the site, a small price if it helps to  reduce your medical bills.

    Partnership for Prescription Assistance
    Searchable database by state, plus online eligibility form to help patients apply to local programs offering help with prescription costs.

    Medicare Prescription Drug Plans
    How they work, where to find one in your state, with enrollment instructions and related information.



    also see -> A-Z Patient Assistance Programs



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