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    National Lymphedema Network
    Major portal with answers to frequently asked questions, reports on the latest research, links to support groups, clinical trials, and related information for patients & physicians.

    Lymphedema - Article by Don R Revis, Jr, MD
    A bit clinical but with clear facts on the conditions incuding causes, symptoms, medical & surgical treatments, illustrations, and complete bibliography.

    Circle of Hope Lymphedema Foundation
    Support for lymphedema patients with information on stages, causes & treatment, how to find a lymphedema therapist, facts on insurance issues, downloadable brochure, free member newsletter.

    Lymphedema - National Cancer Institute
    Written for professionals with straightforward facts on description, treatment & prognosis, disease managment and possible complications.

    Arm Lymphedema
    Who is most at risk, how and why it happens, advice on prevention and management with related illustrations.

    Lymphedema People
    Site for and about people with lymphedema including informative articles, fact sheets and a active online community forum.

    VascularWeb: Lymphedema
    What causes it, details on various types of treatments, informative illustrations and a searchable database of vascular specialists.

    The Komen Foundation site includes an overview of breast cancer and lymphedema with information on causes, symptoms and treatment.

    Reduction of Upper Extremity Lymphedema
    A discussion of the results of 'Complex Lymphedema Therapy' that seems to help reduce the swelling.



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