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    Breast Cancer - Finding the Right Doctor

    Chances are you already have a family doctor who can refer you to a breast cancer specialist. You may also find the right doctor with referrals from friends, family, or other breast cancer survivors.

    Just like any medical physician, breast cancer specialists are not all created equal. When choosing the doctor that is right for you, the first consideration is whether or not you feel comfortable talking to them.

    Are their consultations hurried, or do they take the time to listen? Do they treat your concerns with respect?

    Have they clearly explained the recommended treatment, its possible side effects, and the goals they envision for you?

    If you are still looking for the right doctor, or want a second opinion, there's a wealth of information online.

    Just up ahead, check out a list of resources where you can search databases of qualified doctors by specialty and location, get tips and advice on choosing an oncologist, and get more information on post-op reconstructive surgery.


    Breast Cancer Doctors and Specialists
    Guide from WebMD on what specialists are likely to be included on your medical team, how to choose an oncologist, details on board certification, and related links to additional information.

    WebMD Physician Directory
    More from WebMD with listings for over 500,000 physicians in the USA by state and medical specialty. This site lets you choose by doctors who take your insurance, a major consideration!

    Find a Cancer Doctor's database is searchable by location and cancer specialty.

    Find a Plastic Surgeon
    Searchable database including breast reconstruction specialists in the U.S.




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