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    Diet & Nutrition

    Start with "An apple a day..."

    Truth is, nutrition is not uppermost on the minds of most doctors. Their training is in treatment of disease using protocols established by the profession.

    Some doctors will even smirk at the prospect of vitamin supplements, and many others will stop a discussion cold with... "just eat a healthy diet."

    Are they right?

    In their defense, doctors can only dispense advice on scientific evidence. Studies have shown no benefit to supplement use for either slowing or preventing cancer. To date, the overall effect of antioxidant vitamins on the progression of cancer has shown mixed results.

    The good news is that the role of vitamin D in cancer prevention, for example, has been documented in studies and flagged for further research. Omega-3 fish oil, found naturally in fish (and commercially in supplements), has been found to be beneficial for its anti-inflammatory properties and supportive of a healthy immune system.

    Meanwhile, the debate continues over the benefit of supplements. Most of the evidence points to a good daily diet to get the nutrition you need. "Take a pill and forget it?" Not when you're facing the biggest battle of your life.

    That means adding more fruits, vegetables and other cancer fighting foods to your diet and cutting down on processed sugar and alcohol. (HINT: dark chocolate is one antioxidant superfood you probably don't have to sacrifice.)

    In the battle against breast cancer, maintaining optimum nutrition usually helps "keep the doctor away."

    To learn more, check out these top resources around the web:

    Breast Cancer Diet & Nutrition Manual
    Online guide with articles on studies showing links to good nutrition in the battle against breast and other forms of cancer.

    Healthy Nutrition Choices for Breast Cancer and Other Women's Cancers
    Fruits, fiber & vegetables as a mainstay to a healthy diet, with recommended vitamins & supplements from the Cancer Nutrition Center.

    Breast Cancer Prevention Diet
    An excerpt from the still-popular & very controversial book on diet and breast cancer by Dr. Bob Arnot. Real or pop science? You decide.

    Also see related feature articles :

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