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    Breast Cancer Diagnosis

    mammogramAsk any doctor.

    Early detection is the most important success factor in treating breast cancer.

    If you're concerned about breast cancer, educate yourself on how to do breast cancer self-exams.

    Does breast cancer run in the family? Relatively new genetic tests for breast cancer identify damaged BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes that increase your chances of a breast cancer diagnosis.

    If you have been newly-diagnosed with breast cancer, it's time to learn more about breast cancer diagnosis tools and techniques that are part of your treatment.

    Of course, mammograms and sonograms are still on the front lines of breast cancer diagnosis, but what does it mean when your medical team suggests something called a ductal lavage or thermography?

    Just up ahead, check out more resources around the web and learn more about the latest tools and techniques used to detect, diagnose and monitor breast cancer:

    Breast Cancer: Diagnosis
    Good overview of traditional and advanced techniques used in the diagnosis including the latest on blood and genome tests.

    Breast Cancer Tests: Screening, Diagnosis, and Monitoring
    Find out what's available and how they are used, with a full list of clickable resources for finding out more.

    Breast Cancer - Screening and diagnosis: Mammogram, clinical breast exam, and other tests
    Women's covers the gamut from mammograms to MRI's to biopsies and sonograms, with related resources.

    Breast Cancer Diagnostic Algorithms for Primary Care Providers
    Ever wonder what doctors use to assess your diagnosis? Check out online tools for professionals, with a look behind the scenes including a list of questions you might be asked, and how they assess case histories and symptoms.

    Not Your Mother’s Breast Cancer: The New Generation of Cancer Diagnostic Tools
    Find out more about how the medical community is going digital and 3D.



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