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    Chemotherapy Treatment


    Chemotherapy and You
    NIH and NCI have put together a guide that anyone can understand. There's a lot of information, you'll want to make several visits to this site.

    Breast Cancer - Chemotherapy
    Basic overview from with related facts on Tamoxifen and radiation therapy.

    Herceptin® (Trastuzumab)
    Genentech site -- the makers of the drug provide complete information including all of the possible side effects.

    Dealing with Ill Effects of Chemotherapy
    From Cancer Lynx with great info, articles and resources. Definitely check this one.

    Chemotherapy and Breast Cancer
    Guide from WebMD with clear explanations of when and how chemotherapy is administered and additional info on treatment options.

    About breast cancer chemotherapy
    More on the topic from Cancer Research UK, including detailed information on typical chemotherapy drugs, side effects, related links to more.

    Chemotherapy news, research, discoveries & current events

    One-stop browsing for news headlines and research on cutting edge treatments and recent discoveries.


    also see -> Drug & Treatment Protocols



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