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    ...And a Healthy New Year

    fruit cocktail in a cocktail glass
    Dessert is served: A fresh fruit
    cocktail, in a cocktail glass. Cheers!

    New Year's festivities close out the holiday celebrations. The media may be concentrating on parties and celebrations, but many breast cancer victims and survivors are focused on winning another victory.

    Improved knowledge of genetics and hormones, better understanding of environmental risks and nutrition, advances in chemotherapy  and surgical procedures all hold promise for breast cancer victims. We watch the news and search through clinical studies to keep up with any new information. Who better than survivors to lift a glass to toast the future?

    Our celebrations will probably be a little different than the run-of-the-mill parties. With the studies linking alcohol consumption to increased risk of breast cancer, the drinks in our glasses may well be Florida Punch made with orange juice, instead of champagne. When we toast to health we will mean it in a way that most people don't understand.

    With a little imagination, a handful of barbecue skewers and fresh fruit and vegetables can be turned into festive and colorful kabobs for the holidays. The carrots and yogurt dip have been reported to have properties that prevent breast cancer. The smoked salmon is high in Omega 3 fatty acids, the kind that studies have linked to breast health.

    We have taken control of our diets and our bodies. We refuse to give in to cancer and the fight goes on, but we have found that we still know how to party!

    If you want to have a healthy holiday, here are some links to sites that will help set the table with foods that the caterer and the doctor can both be happy with.

    Mast-o Khiyar (Yogurt and Cucumbers): This recipe calls for mint, raisins, walnuts and other treats. The best healthy foods are the ones that everyone raves about - for the wonderful taste. You don't have to tell them that it's good for them.

    Yogurt Marinated Shrimp: You can make healthy appetizers as easily as unhealthy ones. Try this dish and be ready with copies of the recipe when your guests ask for it.

    Chicken with Yogurt: Try this chicken for a festive and cancer preventive dish. Make sure to use canola oil - remember those omega 3 fatty acids...

    To toast the New Year and the new millennium you can use champagne or be Breast Cancer smart and try one of these sparklers instead.

    Florida Punch: The sparkle comes from ginger ale instead of alcohol, not as heady, but much more healthy.

    Mock Champagne Cocktail: This one uses apple juice and lemon-lime soda - sort of an Asti alternative.

    Non-Alcoholic Champagne: Orange and grapefruit juice with a  touch of grenadine and ginger ale for a final toast.

    May your New Year be both happy and healthy!




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