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    Breast cancer tributeRemembering the Pathfinders

    The candle flickers in our hands
    The light of memory shines on our faces.

    Mom, your voice still rings in the air
    Joined with the soft hiss of the candle's burning.

    Dad, I feel your strong arms comforting me
    Leaning against your chest - against the scar.

    My sister in heart and soul, you laughed,
    "Death's not as bad as high school dances."

    My brother, still amazed that surviving war,
    You could lose the battle to a breast disease.

    The candle says, "We have not lost."

    Burning with a steady light to mark the love you gave
    And to light our way as we step towards happiness.

    To a world where breast cancer
    does not have to be explained to a child
    or to the ones who shared your dreams.

    You are our pathfinders, our compass.
    By the light of the candle we promise...

    We will win.


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    October 31, 2000

    Last updated April 1, 2006




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