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    Walk Down Your Risk

    Be Pro-Active
    Want to do something to reduce your breast cancer risk?

    Dr. Esther M. John suggests taking a walk.

    As part of the Department of Defense Breast Cancer Research Program, she focuses on moderate physical activity.

    Moderate activity can really reduce breast cancer risk if started early in life and continued on a regular basis.

    • Taking a long, brisk walk three times a week can reduce a young woman's risk of developing breast cancer by 33%.
    • After memopause the benefits are not as great, but the risk of breast cancer can still be reduced by 26%.

    Start Early And Keep It Up
    Dr. John stresses that it is a lifetime of physical activity that creates the reduction in risk.

    The results were based on surveys that asked about traditional exercise activity like biking, running, walking and weight lifting. The questions also covered less recognized forms of exercise such as housework and yard work.

    Looking at lifetime patterns, the survey asked women historical questions such as if they had walked to school as teens.

    The researchers made efforts to include every form of exercise. Jobs were rated for exercise content and other activities like bike riding for pleasure or to run errands were included.

    The results showed:

    • The most active premenopausal women had a 26% lower risk of breast cancer compared with the least active group.
    • Postmenopausal women in the most active group 19% compared to the least active women.
    • Moderately active premenopausal women cut their breast cancer risk by 33%.
    • Postmenopausal women in the moderately
      active group lowered their risk by 26% in compared with the least active women.

    Women in the most active group were 47% less likely to develop
    premenopausal breast cancer and 31% less likely to develop breast cancer
    after menopause than women who reported less physical activity.

    SOURCE: Department of Defense Breast Cancer Research Program

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