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    Uncovering Mushroom's Magic

    mushroomsIn 3000 BC the Egyptians believed mushrooms were a sacred food that prolonged life.

    A mummified 5,000-year-old "Ice Man" found in the mountains of Europe carried a medicine kit of dried mushrooms.

    Well, guess what...

    Mushrooms help fight breast cancer
    Recent scientific studies in Japan, the UK and the US have found that some chemicals found only in raw, cooked and dried mushrooms may strengthen immunity, help fight infections and prevent cancer.

    These friendly fungi may also may help with reducing high blood sugar, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and the risk of blood clots.

    Breast Cancer Counter Measure

    • Mushrooms reduce estrogen production to lower breast cancer risk.
    • Extracts of large white mushrooms slashed estrogen production up to 50%.
    • Small white, portobello and crimini mushrooms had similar actions, but were not as effective.

    Shiitake - Enoki - Lentinan
    Lentinan is a chemical found in mushrooms.

    So many studies in Japan have shown that mushrooms have anti-cancer properties, that lentinan is approved in cancer treatment there.

    In one study, Japanese farmers who regularly ate enoki mushrooms had a 40 percent lower death rate from cancer than those whose diet did not include mushrooms.

    Cancer Research UK
    Scientists at the University of Liverpool have discovered a protein in the lectin family that is found in edible mushrooms which targets cancer cells and stops them from multiplying.

    A review of mushroom international studies by Cancer Research UK reports that many mushrooms can stimulate immune functions.

    "Maitake Magic"
    Harry Preuss, M.D., a physiology professor at Georgetown University School of Medicine is fascinated by this mushroom. In his book, "Maitake Magic (Freedom Press; $15.95)," he explains why.

    "Maitake is one of nature's richest sources of beta-glucans ... which are among, or even may be, the most potent natural immune forces ever discovered," he writes.

    The maitake may help combat cancer by stimulating immune responses. A compound called maitake D-fraction is being tested for treating advanced breast and prostate cancers.

    Maitake Magic (Freedom Press; $15.95)


    More about mushroooms' cancer fighting properties on the Web:

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    Last Updated April 21, 2017





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