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    Alternative Treatments for Breast Cancer

    alternative medicineWhile the establishment continues to study causes, symptoms and effects, there's lots of additional information on alternative treatments for breast cancer that may deserve your attention.

    These include vitamin therapies, holistic and Chinese herbal medicine, and even acupuncture.

    Also just up ahead, find lots of practical advice and information on the ways diet, exercise, and reducing stress can help prevent cancer as well as a host of other diseases:

    also see related feature -> Surviving Breast Cancer with Herbs



    Acupuncture for Cancer - Integrating Eastern with Western Medicine
    Good overview of current practices combining acupuncture with traditional Western treatments for cancer.

    Alternative Cancer Therapies: The Search for a Cure - General overview of modern cancer treatment, with a cynical view of "Cancer Inc." and the medical establishment's suppression of alternative therapies.

    Vitamin D and Cancer - Study after study has shown that the nutrient may be a major factor in reducing risk and helping survival rates in patients with breast cancer and other diseases.

    Alternative Therapies: Hope or Hype?
    Steve Dunn has a great site on alternative cancer treatments. This article gives an idea of what to look for before buying into any unorthodox treatment.

    Choices in Healing
    An excellent, well balanced argument for non-traditional cancer treatment in 27 chapters at Commonweal. The entire book can be viewed online.

    Health World Online Breast Cancer
    A page of resources to online articles detailing self-examination, cancer prevention and diet, holistic practices and Chinese traditional medicine. (08/30/98)

    History of Hoxsey Treatment
    An interesting article on the Hoxsey serum. This approach raises questions on the treatment of folk remedies in general by the medical establishment.

    This extract of the mistletoe has been approved in some European countries. This site contains excellent information and references.

    Complementary and Alternative Medicine
    Interesting reading including information on popular alternative herbal treatments, aromatherapy, and more with related resources.

    The flip-side to alternative medicine from more traditional medical establishment sources. You decide.

    Ralph Moss Guidance for Smart Decisions
    Well respected though sometimes regarded as a loose cannon, Ralph Moss spreads the word on non-toxic treatments, and breast cancer therapies.

    Research on Alternative Medicine for BC
    The Journal of Clinical Oncology reviews the literature on Complementary/Alternative Medicine and finds it interesting but not compelling.



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